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The sillage of perfume is very special and unique (in a man opinion) this smells like a woman's skin-like note! Shalimar creates an aura of admiration around its wearers. One suddenly craves to wander the streets of the Johari Bazaar. like sniffing a liquid heroin that made your eyes roll up into the back of your head. The modern is still fantastic, I cannot fault it, but its notes seems to "sprawl" more...

as like a real fresh woman skin smell, that so sexynesss and I can turn my head with this sillage or walk to a woman who wears this perfume! " Scent: 10/10 (elegance/sexyness/seductive) Sillage: 10/10 (powerful that can turn heads) Longevity 10/10 (all day performance) For a man opinion this is "Love Oil" Shalimar is fantastic. As I do love and admire my wife, I gave her a Shalimar bottle on our 5th year marriage aniversary. Dare to place it on the skin and the body's warmth and oils transform it into a Bengal feline. it's not the tightly-contained cute little furry mouse (or mink) it used to be. Shalimar reveals me everything that is hiding in this glamorous bottle: slightly bitter bergamot tea, bright and clear citruses notes, cold as a frozen glass, then the sharp juice is getting softer with buttery and creamy vanilla, tender leather & sweet tobacco with its intoxicating smoke, that slowly changes into smouldering incense, which is hiding warm jasmine and sweetly resinous opoponax.

Open with powdery, incense and floral (roses/jasmine) and dry down to smooth creamy vanilla, this is one of the best vanilla ever, it real, naturally, and crisp so sexy so tasty. It literally smelled like a little living brown mouse, whose shape you could discern from tiny beady nose to furry body to pink bare tail.

Base are citrus that not sharp, not light, but fresh and dry mixed with animalic and surrounding by sweet vanilla. It was lovely and charming, and had a swoonworthy, narcotic quality to it...

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