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’Emma (age 10)‘Adem Cece’s The Extremely Weird Thing That Happened in Huggabie Falls is an engaging book that takes you through lots of funny twists as you explore the world of Kipp Kindle, Tobias Treachery and Cymphany Chan.

It’s a mind-blowing tale, as strange things happen all the time.

The characters are wonderful and I fell in love with Tannie Maria from the first page…if you are looking for a series with a loveable amateur sleuth and a puzzling mystery without a lot of blood and gore, this is the series for you.’Mystery Playground‘Very readable, with a charm which is sustained to the last page.’Crime Review‘Oscillates between profound emotional depths and absolute hilarity…So much fun!

’Toni Collette‘That these books are as funny and charming and often touching as they are is a tribute to the skill with which they’re written.’NPR‘[A] poignant glimpse into human relationships—what it is to love and to be loved…The Best of Adam Sharp hits you right in the morals and leaves you thinking—how far would you go for a second chance?

It is a culinary and linguistic treat too, packed with recipes and smatterings of Afrikaans.’Bookseller‘A clever, funny and warm-hearted debut crime novel from South Africa, that will make you laugh and cry.’Good Reading‘Andrew offers up engaging characters and a storyline with enough surprises to keep it interesting…Recipes for Love and Murder is easily digestible murder-mystery fare, with a love story or two thrown in for extra seasoning.’Otago Daily Times‘A delightful debut, tender and funny.’Kirkuk Reviews, Best Fiction Books of 2015‘A blue-ribbon winner.’Wall Street Journal, Best Books of 2015‘Funny, serious and touching.’New Zealand Listener‘A triumph.’Alexander Mc Call Smith‘Sally Andrew gives the reader a murder mystery with an original plot, a twist or two and quite a few red herrings…She laces it with plenty of humour, fills it with wonderful food, and wraps the whole thing in some gorgeous descriptive prose…[the] second Tannie Maria mystery is even better than the first.’Book Mooch‘I enjoyed the characters, of which there were many but they were well-drawn and distinct, and admired Andrew’s evident love of her South African surroundings, which comes across in her descriptions of the landscape, animal and bird life, and her liberal use of Afrikaans.

Her writing has a strong sense of place and the setting serves the plot well.’Otago Daily Times‘Food heals, arouses, coerces, and kills in Andrew’s sublime second psychological cozy featuring South African agony aunt Tannie Maria van Harte.

Adam wrote an amusingly hysterical story that you will just want to keep reading.’Zara (age 10)‘This is a great book for anyone who likes books about Dutch werewolves, vegetarian piranhas, witches as maths teachers, crazy street names and…jam! If you were actually in the book it would be scary but if you’re reading you just want to know what’s going to happen.