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Our live webcams are installed in very wet and salty environments, and with animals that can get rambunctious at times.If you notice anything that doesn’t seem quite right with any of our webcams, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected] top of that the lady he is chatting with used different names and she’s not even in the school she told him that she’s going to. Still the asking of money just keeps going on and on and he is still giving. It just bugs me to death because people judged us here since we are married to foreigners that we are also doing same thing the other ladies were doing.

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Later her other member of the family got sick and in need badly of surgery and medicine.

To find out the girl’s parents were okay and no surgery needed for the family member.

Even though the girl’s been receiving the big amount from this guy still she wanted more and more.

She keeps telling him that another expenses came up that her parents got ill.

Really the whole email of this fellow made me upset and sick to my stomach just by knowing how much money he had given to the girl.