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Health care providers and clinical laboratories provide HIV case surveillance data to local health jurisdictions and the Office of AIDS as a routine public health activity required by state law (California HSC 121022 and HSC 120130).

Demographic and clinical information is collected on all people living and diagnosed with HIV in California.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Office of AIDS (OA) works with local health jurisdictions to collect, analyze, and disseminate surveillance data on people living and diagnosed with HIV in California.

HIV surveillance is conducted through three different activities.

Scenarios USA videos are professionally-produced films written by teens for teens. Emphasis is placed on recognizing how drugs/alcohol can impair a person’s ability to make decisions, putting them at increased risk for HIV.

This film was written by four 17-year old New York City residents of Harlem and Washington Heights. lessons, click here: Family Life and Sexual Health (F. The lesson also addresses how advertising promotes alcohol use as a way to meet social and emotional needs and suggests alternatives for meeting those needs.

NHBS collects data from these populations each year on a rotating basis.