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A sociologist at the Ministry of Higher Education Mr.

Abdulrahman al-Shuqir said private communication channels available on social-media networks help foster meaningful relationships.

They may also have to contend with the religious police who monitor malls, coffee-houses and even the forums online.

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However, change has taken place in recent years and in 2013 the state's first dedicated sports centre for girls was opened in the city of Khobar.

Saudi Arabia has been hampered by torrential downpours recently that has seen schools, universities and offices closed due to flooding.

Taller than the average height for a woman,' agreed another one.

Women participating in sport has been a controversial topic in Saudi Arabia for many years and women's sport has been suppressed by conservative Islamic religious authorities.

Women have made steady advances in education and work, even though they are forbidden from driving and need permission from a male guardian to obtain a passport and travel overseas.