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Technically, the new find isn't the oldest Bronze Age wheel found in Britain.

That distinction still belongs to the Flag Fen wheel, which was found at a nearby site and dates back to about 1300 B. However, that artifact is less complete than the newly discovered wheel and is smaller, at about 2.6 feet (0.8 m) in diameter.

They replace the statues of the Buddha Dainichi and Fudō Myōō previously on view, which have been returned to their newly restored hall in in Kongō-ji Temple, Osaka.

One of the rituals of the Japanese New Year is the first shrine visit of the year.

[In Photos: Amazing Ruins of the Ancient World] Must Farm, which was first discovered in 1999, has been described as "Peterborough’s Pompeii." Pompeii was a Roman city that was destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in A. Like Pompeii, the Must Farm site was frozen in time through catastrophe.

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