Livesex web camdirect free - Oledbdataadapter not updating

There's simply no need of updating any of those lists right now and for the future hopefully I'll have proper Sql database and switch to Entity Framework :].

Categories", _ connection) ' Create the Sql Command to execute the stored procedure.

Dim categories As Data Table = New Data Table ' Create the Category ID column and set its auto ' incrementing properties to decrement from zero.

However, the reliance on code-generating wizards can certainly obscure the breadth of functionality that is at your disposal.

Unlike yesterday, the format of the next few days will not take you through an application or work with graphical tools, but rather will examine short snippets and code listings that highlight specific features and behaviors of the namespace. Of course, it could also be used in a connected model depending on the cursor options that were set.

Relational database engines, such as SQL Server, Oracle, and Microsoft Access/Jet support the creation of automatically incrementing columns that can be designated as primary keys. The row is updated, but the original values in the row are preserved. Dim adapter As Ole Db Data Adapter = New Ole Db Data Adapter( _ "SELECT Category ID, Category Name FROM Categories", _ connection) ' Create the INSERT command for the new category. Insert Command = New Ole Db Command( _ "INSERT INTO Categories (Category Name) Values(?