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“I leased a 750i L BMW, and my lease payments were like eight hundred dollars a month.”There are people who will foolishly trap themselves into inescapable, multi-year contracts they can’t afford to impress themselves or others. But someone who calls themselves personal finance “expert”? If this were the only odd thing escaping Orman’s lips, perhaps I could let it go and continue believing she’s a personal finance whiz.

Sure, in an ideal world where prenups are free and easy, maybe we should all have one. Depending on where you live, whom you hire and your specific situation, you’ll pay $3,000 and article.

But it’s ridiculous to insist that spending that kind of money is mandatory for every couple." data-reactid="51"Despite the cost, prenups are essential in certain situations, which I spelled out in my article.

I suggested investing in an oil ETF, and despite a recent decline in oil, I’m still up about 30 percent. I didn’t suggest selling a diversified index fund to do it.

I’d never suggest sector funds over a far more diversified S& P 500 fund, for a simple reason: They’re way too risky." data-reactid="38"A side bet with a sector fund isn’t necessarily dumb.

Still, the fact remains she borrowed money and, rather than use it as promised, lost it all gambling instead. A personal finance expert who doesn’t believe in stocks?