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Even a lot of my close female friends and family members, strong and wonderful women in my life that I have nothing but respect and admiration for, have expressed fear in never finding that “one perfect man” to devote their life to.Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Is He Going To Commit” Quiz right now and find out if he’s going to commit to you…

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Spend time with your friends, your hobbies, and your family.

When you’re happy about your own life, this creates a powerful vibe that entrances your man and makes him love being around you. If you want him to stick with you forever, show him that you can mix things up.

This effectively gives your man room to breathe and you get to have some space for yourself.

Take all the energy and effort you’ve been putting into trying to make him propose and invest it into your own life.

“It’ll be an opening to say Sri Lanka is the best destination for foreigners.” Chinese tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka have been rising and now account for around 13 per cent of the two million tourists a year who visit the country, second only to the number of Indian visitors, official figures show.