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Even churches have been cowed into not making moral judgments about those who decide to end their marriage for any reason.

As J shared in her comment on my post about the devastating effect divorce has on children: I think that the reasons religious institutions of various denominations don’t tackle the issue as directly as you would advocate is that they don’t want to be seen as mixing in inappropriately and alienating people. To be fair to J she was only sharing what she had observed, and this sentiment is extremely common when I see divorce discussed even on Christian blogs.

Men have been the ones reacting to women’s lack of commitment and responding in kind. Early in the sexual revolution there was some level of stability for serial monogamy.

This was because there was still some inertia keeping women from feeling comfortable hopping from man to man.

Even in the manosphere I’m not sure the true reality that women are the ones who fear commitment is really universally accepted. But commitment turns out to be much like being pregnant. Don’t fall for the idea women and society would sell you. It doesn’t matter if you like the new rules or not.