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I was bummed, but that worry quickly disappeared when I was sent five more promising bachelors.

Honestly, it was very difficult to choose this time.

After story time, we head off to dinner - but he’s so drunk, that he doesn’t eat anything and just gets his food to go.

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This was my first encounter with meeting anyone from Miss Travel, but I was not his first date from the site.

Actually, he delved into many intimate details about his first date involving flying two women down to Miami.

I freshen my hair and makeup and I walk across to street to meet my date. He was very apologetic for his state, but I couldn’t help notice his eyes dotting off and slurring his speech with every word.

Somehow in this drunken conversation, he informed me that his impression of the site was on the border of “creepy guys and slutty girls.” He informed me it’s a legitimate website, but I would find my fair share of those two categories if I decided to partake.

We could have rented a car and explored the island that we were currently on. No worries - still going into the date with a lot of optimism.