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In a 2001 interview with publisher Scholastic, Rowling stated that she chose the subject of magical creatures because it was a fun topic for which she had already developed a lot of information in earlier books.

Rowling's name does not appear on the cover of the book, the work being credited under the pseudonym "Newt Scamander", who, in the books, wrote this textbook as seen on Harry's supply list for his first year. Over 80% of the cover price of each book sold goes directly to poor children in various places around the world.

is intended to provide a quick overview of an association football player's or manager's details to enable a reader to extract the most oft-needed information without trawling through the article proper.

This is a replacement for (which is now deprecated, and has been removed), with the club appearances split into individual attributes for accessibility reasons.

A list of goals that the player has been awarded in league competition only for each professional club (note: Playoff matches are not counted as league matches by most statistical sources (e.g.