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So it seems that the only time I’m consistent with my writing is when I am absurdly depressed. I suppose this isn’t entirely out of the ordinary, though I do think it’s a shame. Now that the formalities are over and we’re all properly reacquainted with one another, I’ll begin to ramble on what inspired me to actually write again in the first place.

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This close monitoring provides veterinarians with an insight into problems during competitions.

However, there is a relatively small amount of clinically relevant, evidence-based data published on endurance horses, and this article reviews the evolution of the discipline, the published information on epidemiological data on endurance rides, the problems veterinarians face at competitions, and highlights those areas where research is warranted.

None of this, of course, indoctrinates him into any sort of sainthood (and we all know I’m most likely a spawn of the dark side).

Our relationship was not perfect and when the time came, I knew that it needed to be delicately laid to rest.

Hell, he had plenty of others–many I’d gotten for him– but none ever seemed to sit so comfortably on him.