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You must evade the loan sharks, not eliminate them. After setting up the date with Michelle, a heart and "M will be marked at her apartment. After brief introductions in her extraordinarily clean apartment, you decide to take her to the fun fair, err…the carnival. Once inside her vehicle, proceed along the marked route south to find the carnival. Jermaine leaps back into Roman’s taxi and tells you to start driving! Roman’s taxi isn’t exactly a Ferrari so you should turn down side streets and even proceed through the park northeast of the cab depot to try and avoid the pursuing police.

The marked route leads you back to Roman’s cab depot. You arrive only to discover the carnival is closed—apparently some big developer swooped in and bought it. Jermaine thinks something looks fishy…is that door open? Avoid police positioned ahead of you when you’re almost out of the flashing zone.

Fortunately, the first item is free but you can still completely overhaul Niko’s wardrobe if you wish. You can choose to go on the date or help Roman out. Objective: Find something to throw through the shop window.

After the task is complete, Michelle will ring on the cell phone. You knock on the door and try to reason with the fellow but he’s having none of it.

Take the opportunity to save your game with a power nap on the bed before heading out to meet with Roman; he’s marked on the mini-map at his cab depot, the Express Car Service. The hardware store is actually a front for an underground gambling ring.

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