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All matching numbers in great condtion fully funtionalable. Does anyone have any further info on this weapon or can guide me to a site. thanks There are a number of books on the market which mention this revolver, such as Bruce and Reinhart, Webley Revolvers; Maze, Howdah to High Power; Chamberlain & Taylerson, Revolvers of the British Services; or Dowell, The Webley Story.

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Alex Martin was bought out by Dickson in Edinburgh, but they are unresponsive to queries.

Commercial MK Is in your serial number range were delivered by Webley in July 1890.

Its full title was Pistol, Revolver, Number 2 Mark 1.

Ironically in World War II with demand outstripping the ability to produce the Enfield No.2 the British government purchased a large number of the Webley Mk IV for issue.

In 1926-1927 the Royal Small Arms Factory at Enfield Lock made changes to the lockwork and trigger mechanism, largely in the provision of a hammer safety lock and a separate cylinder lock.