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He uses his musical skills when participating in reenactments of the Civil War.

Recently in Cedar Creek, VA for the 153rd anniversary of that battle, he has also been to Gettysburg, PA, Mumford, OH and many other places, including schools, in his Civil War attire.

He commented, “It’s another parish as far as I’m concerned.” With no school at his parish, he looks forward to the fall when things slow down a bit. Edmond Parishes merged they wondered what they would do with the worship space at St. A group came along and asked if they could rent the space. Chuck has had the opportunity to do some acting there as well.

He said, “Most people think summer time is our time to relax. ” Father John relates that, “Just being out there for the people, being there when they have a need,” is an important part of priesthood for him. Jim O’Connor, attend shows in Stratford, New York City and the Kavinoky Theatre in Buffalo, to name just a few. Some of the best moments of priesthood occur, in Fr.

He proudly stated, “I have been working at Camp Turner for over 50 years.