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And there I was picking up the pieces when it all fell apart. My desire to have him as my own blinded me to the red flags and clear signs to leave the situation before it got too deep. There’s nothing wrong with the situation if that’s what you BOTH want.

However, I wasn’t willing to admit to myself that this wasn’t what I wanted and stayed in this relationship purgatory for way too long.

Khaled's sidekick and son, Asahd Tuck, one, matched his adoring father as the pair partied the night away.

Combs sported an emerald green suit with black satin lapels and a matching bow tie to host the star-studded affair.

I fell so hard that I shut my eyes to all the blaring red flags that greeted me on each step of the journey. Nothing else mattered and I was going to make this round peg fit into this square hole and we would both live in bliss. A few texts turned into kisses, sex, and suddenly the winter wasn’t so bad after all. That was six months ago and surely he’d changed his mind by now. It had been six months and surely he’d changed his mind by now. He didn’t understand my frustrations and my emotional outbursts.