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In the first quarter of 2010, according to reports from industry security leaders Secunia, Symantec, and Mc Afee, third-party applications were responsible for the largest increase in security vulnerabilities—even overtaking OS flaws.

Microsoft provides Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) as a free component in Windows Server to update third-party apps; Windows Update is the consumer equivalent.

Because you’re working on the local WSUS server, you can leave the Name field blank, then click Connect.) 2. (Note: A second window opens to indicate that a self-signed certificate has been successfully created and that it must be installed on all clients that will receive local updates.) 5. In a production environment, you need to install the certificate on WSUS and on all clients that will receive local updates from WSUS. Click Start, type MMC in the Start Search box, and press Enter. In the new console window, press CTRL M to add a new snap-in. Local Update Publisher also has basic reporting so that you can see which computers in a group have successfully received updates, as Figure 6 shows.

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By default, the standard installation of Flash Player checks every 30 days to see whether a new version is available.

In a corporate environment, you’ll probably want to disable this feature and manage updates centrally by using WSUS.

For example, third-party update mechanisms might not be enforceable, or they might not be able to be centrally managed.

In addition, they often require users to have elevated privileges.

But small companies that don’t have access to enterprise-class management systems are left without a simple means of updating third-party applications that are installed on Windows systems.