Who is sheldon dating on big bang theory

After deciding to give Amy the gift of sex on her birthday, Sheldon realizes there's a conflict with his opening-day movie ticket.

We aren't going into the back of a car."Bialik: "I thought we would just talk about it when it finally happened."Parsons (dismissively): "Oh, no! There's no during.""Star Wars: The Force Awakens," out Friday in the real world, is used as a comic device throughout the episode and even threatens to derail the couple's coupling.

The wedding planning is going to play a big part in the season so I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a wedding before the season was over although I can’t promise that.

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This fall Bialik told CBS News that she's enjoyed watching her character grow through the years."She's evolved a lot," Bialik said.

"She went from being very insecure, socially, to much more confident ... "As long as we're telling good stories and the audience still wants to watch, why not?

I think that definitely is going to be a dynamic we will be playing out with Leonard and Penny this season.

HOLAND: We are certainly building toward a wedding.

opened its 11th season tonight by picking up exactly where the show left off in May, with Sheldon popping the question to Amy.