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Initially there were nine Mitsubishi 1MF fighters and three to six Mitsubishi B1M3 torpedo bomber aboard.

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I also collect and shoot Ruger and S&W revolvers as well.

I'm an avid hunter and outdoorsman and one of my passions is predator hunting, especially coyotes. marlin golden original 39M with two different serial numbers.

The deco serial numbers are 12 digits with spacing in between. 44 44 931 547 09(Older Bernette/deco serial number information will be posted at a later date.)Note: Older Bernina machines will have the 8-digit serial numberstamped either on the base or the head.

I was mainly just curious as to its vintage, but that was just as I stated for curiosity purposes.

On the Hosho there where different devices tested as optical landing aids and arresting gear .