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This simply an opinion I have formed based on 15 years of working with various providers in India and all over the world.This is not an attempt to stereotype every employee in a 1.2 billion people country.

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Even if you find someone you’d like to bring into your project from outside it will take you 2-3 months.

In India an employee is usually obligated to give two to three months notice or he will have to buy himself out of a contract.

My conclusions and assumptions are also based on the fact that many companies are moving towards a more agile development where decision-making and ability to adjust is a key. Finding talent in Hi Tech centers like Bangalore is almost as hard as finding qualified people in Silicon Valley.

There are simply more jobs than there are good people.

The issue is jam-packed with everything you need to know about Zero, including a heap of project ideas, and an interview with Mike Stimson, who designed the board.

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    Notably, for women, lower sexual disgust predicted higher sociosexuality, but only as a secondary effect - when they controlled for sociosexuality, difference in sexual disgust were not significant. In the case of sexual behavior, disgust may improve mate selection and reduce risk (e.g.