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Also, younger adults were more likely to self-disclose and engage in privacy protective behaviors on Facebook.

In terms of privacy attitudes, older age groups were more likely to be concerned about privacy of other individuals.

Accordingly, use of SNSs for relationship management purposes (i.e., relationship initiation, development and maintenance) is positively associated with self-disclosure (Krasnova et al., 2010; Yang & Tan, 2012).

One commonly shared argument has been that people with higher privacy literacy—comprising declarative (“knowing that”) and procedural (“knowing how”) knowledge (Trepte et al.

2015)—are better at protecting their privacy (e.g., boyd & Hargiatti, 2010).

With the advent and wide adoption of Social Network Sites (SNSs) as venues for socialization, privacy management has emerged as a key research area in current literature (Joinson, Reips, Buchanan, & Schofield, 2010; Wilson, Gosling, & Graham, 2012; Zhang & Leung, 2014).

Self-disclosure and privacy protection constitute two related privacy management strategies (Walrave, Vanwesenbeeck, & Heirman, 2012).

Finally, ANCOVA suggested that the impact of privacy attitudes on privacy protective behavior was stronger among mature adults.