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I could hardly wait to do some of those things for my friends. The next day was Friday, and at school Billy asked me free 3d lolicon movies if I wanted loli sex forum to stay over with him, and Joe would take us up to their cabin in the mountains, and we would go hiking, and fishing. The usual four of us started home, and I was sure we would stop to pee at the park, but we just kept going.

Just about that time we heard the next door stall open, so we fixed our clothes, and went out.

Steve was gone, but Billy was waiting for us looking unhappy.

Today he kept it in my mouth longer after he shot, so I kept licking him, and made sure I got him all clean.

It was sort of fun to stick my tounge under that skin on his cock, and tickle him.

............................................................................... I thought that would be great, so I called my Dad at work, and he talked to Mom ( they work together), and they said OK. When we got to my house the guys suggested we all play games, and of course I was happy with that.

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