Swoosh dating

The identity-merging shoe is, like many other classic Nike designs, the innovative manifestation of early prototypes and iterations.

I can only imagine what a Christian Louboutin brow would entail.

The lovechild of the Nike Aqua Sock and Sock Racer, with a fine-tuned Flyknit twist, the Nike Gakou Flyknit was too much of a stand-out design prototype not to be given its own official release.

The exaggerated swoosh was created by a staple you may already have in your makeup kit: Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Blackest Black ($10). In case you missed nose hair extensions, that was another unorthodox beauty trend that caused a massive stir on the interwebs earlier this week.

And I'm dumbfounded because the overall effect is kind of... Maybe it's the pairing of the unconventional brows with sultry Villain False Lashes in Medusa ($15), but IMHO, this is one of the cutest and most wearable varieties of the kitshy, drawn-on Instagram brows. Many users brought up the fact that brows shaped like the Nike swoop have historically been viewed in a negative light.

Tweeter @BBSMoey captures the sick burn perfectly: "But why does her brows look like they were sponsored by Nike??