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A lighthearted video in comparison to the band's other promos, it is centred on Roland Orzabal's attempts to get the attention of a librarian (Joan Densmore), while a variety of characters (many played by the rest of the band), including a chimpanzee wearing a Red Sox jersey, engage in shenanigans in the library.

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Either way, asking them why they haven't answered (or worse, getting offended by their lack of response) won't help you.

Istoricii antici vorbesc despre acesta, dar si despre daci cu respect, mai putin romanii, care le-au fost dusmani de moarte.

There is also a unique radio-only version which was issued on a double A-side single featuring the regular single mix on the other side.

The 12" version was titled the "Preacher Mix" and is an extended remix of the entire "Broken/Head Over Heels/Broken" medley.