Alcoholic dating recovering

Others will let you decide, at which point you should still try to be as mindful as you possibly can.

This means allowing the person you are with to own their own recovery and not try to “fix them”.

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It’s important to keep in mind that Alcoholic’s Anonymous isn’t just for the alcoholic him or herself – it was also designed for children, spouses and yes – even significant others.

If you know that your special someone is headed out for a meeting, consider going with them.

This fact does not bother me (I come from a family of alcoholics, both grandparents on my mother and father's side were alcoholics and I am very proud that he is taking the proper steps to recovery; although I cannot directly relate to what he is going through I can empathize).

However, I know that they advise recovering alcoholics to not form any relationships during their first year of sobriety (he has already fallen off the horse once, when we met he was "off the horse" so-to-speak and drinking, and he is now focusing more on getting back on track) -- I do not think that he would try and end our relationship.

Let that person know that you’re always there to talk whenever they need and that you won’t judge.