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An identical decree was adopted by the Second Council of the Province of Australia in 1869, but Propaganda did not sanction it and declared that the matter should preferably be determined by the various diocesan synods.This was likewise the opinion of the Fathers of the Second Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1866.By law, however, there is, strictly speaking, no fixed time for making this payment.

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As a consequesce, different methods of computing the cathedraticum prevail throughout the United States.

In one prominent diocese, for example, the rector of each church must pay one-fifth of his revenue if it exceed one thousand dollars, or one-third if it be less.

As the cathedraticum is a mark of subjection to the cathedral church, the bishop cannot exempt any benefice from this tax. In like manner he can demand the cathedraticum from monasteries with which secular churches and benefices have been united.

On the other hand he cannot demand it from clerics or priests who have no benefices, even though he plead ancient custom to the contrary (S. An exception to this law was made, however, for the Order of St. All this concerns the laws on the cathedraticum where the Church is canonically established.

The revenue in question is declared to be made up of the pew rents, the collections during Divine service and the funeral stipends.