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"Which I know is absurd, but it's just the conditioning I've been accustomed to, and it's hard to break from the norm." Back in 2002, ABC News conducted an unscientific experiment to explore how willing women were to date shorter men.

They lined up several short men next to tall men, and asked women to choose a date.

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In the height study, there was not a significant relationship between endorsement of traditional gender roles and ideal height in a dating partner for men or women.

Women with more traditional gender attitudes tended to be less willing to date short men (5-foot-6 or shorter), and men with similar attitudes reported they were less willing to date very tall women (those over 6 feet).

Heterosexual dating followed traditional gender roles for beliefs and expectations, as well as interpersonal actions.

Though there was some variation in terms of more women initiating dates, it was not widespread enough to challenge the dominant roles.

C., who found that dating shorter guys made her feel less confident.